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Matthew D. Wilson

Check out this impressive CGI 3D Animated Short based on the WARMACHINE tabletop miniatures game published by Privateer Press.  Produced, written & directed by WARMACHINE creator, Matthew D. Wilson, the five-minute CG animation was made with a skeleton crew of only two animators over the course of about 10 months.  The story features two of WARMACHINE’s most popular characters: the heroic Captain Victoria Haley and the villainous Warwitch Deneghra. In the lore of the setting, Haley and Deneghra were twin sisters, separated as small children when the nightmarish Cryxians destroyed their village and abducted Deneghra so they could mold her into one of the powerful leaders of their armies. Both Deneghra and Haley are voiced by Marisha Ray of Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role. The animators, Gabriel Teixeira and Rafael Chies both worked from their homes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, while Wilson directed from his home in San Diego, California. Wilson and Teixeira had previously collaborated on video game production but this was the first time either of them had attempted a cinematic quality animated production. The music is an original score by composer Deane Ogden.  CREDITS Animated short based on the WARMACHINE property Produced, Written & Directed by Matthew D. Wilson Voices by Marisha Ray Executive Producer — Sherry Yeary Animation and Rigging — Gabriel Teixeira Look Development, Composition & Environmental Modeling — Rafael Chies Music — Deane Ogden Sound Design — Michael Ferdie

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